About Morningside K-8 Academy

Riding Waves of Success

Morningside K-8 Academy is an International Education Language Magnet offering students their choice of Spanish, Haitian Creole, or French classes.

Morningside K-8 Academy is one of the top-performing magnet public schools in Miami’s upper east side. As of 2019, Morningside K-8 Academy grew to become a B+-rated school (just 1 point shy of being A rated) in large part thanks to our dedicated teaching staff, hard-working students and our rigorous academic program.


Nestled in the historic neighborhood of Palm Grove, the 1941 Spanish mission style building wraps around a lush green courtyard, shaded by old-growth live oak trees as well as guava and banana varietals and a school vegetable garden run by the students.


Morningside K-8 Academy has grown to outperform many of the regional schools. In addition to our high rating, Morningside has excelled in English Language Arts, Math and Social Studies. English Language Arts alone has seen a 36 percentage point increase in the number of students scoring at or above grade level.

At Morningside K-8 Academy, we are dedicated to empowering our students to become leaders, innovators, and thoughtful citizens of the world.


6620 NE 5th Avenue

Miami, FL 33138

School Phone: 305-758-6741

PTSA Phone: 786-529-8857

PTSA Email: morningsidek8pta@gmail.com

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