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About Morningside K-8 Academy

Riding Waves of Success

Morningside K-8 Academy is an International Education Language Magnet that provides students with the option to learn Spanish, Haitian Creole, or French. Our school is one of the best public schools in Miami's Upper East Side, having received an A+ rating last year. Nestled in Palm Grove, one of the city's oldest neighborhoods, the school boasts a beautiful 1941 Spanish mission style building with a verdant courtyard shaded by old-growth live oak trees, guava and banana trees, and a student-run vegetable garden. Morningside K-8 Academy has surpassed many of its regional counterparts, excelling in English Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies. We are committed to empowering our students to become leaders, innovators, and responsible global citizens. 



6620 NE 5th Avenue

Miami, FL 33138

School Phone: 305-758-6741

PTSA Phone: 786-529-8857

PTSA Email:

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